Bierocks Recipe – And Variations

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  1. Linda Fisher says:

    I add chopped fresh parsley to my meat mixture and a couple tablespoons of ketchup. I usually use the frozen Rhoades dinner rolls because 2 of them make the perfect rolling size but I am going to use your bread recipe next time I make them. I was transplanted to Wakeeney, Kansas in 1970 when my mom remarried and moved my two sisters and I there. I really enjoyed all the German cooking and have raised my children up to love many of them also. Bierocks is the most requested at family get togethers. Thank you for posting a well written version of this recipe. Would enjoy any others you care to share!

    • Don Herman says:

      That sounds fun and simple, and keeping it simple is always best, IMO. I think you’ll like my dough better than the Rhodes – it’s more like the dough my grandma used to make, and it’s not so sticky and hard to work with. I’ll get some more recipes together and share them later on in the season. Let me know how yours turn out, or if you have suggestions on improving the instructions.

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