Hi, I’m Don Herman.  I created this site to help home bakers like you find useful information on Baking Naturally.

Using simple, healthy ingredients in meals is kind of a no-brainer, right?  Given the choice, we’d probably all choose the preservative-free, artificial-flavoring-free and artificial-coloring-free foods at our stores.  Some choose this because they must . . . they have allergies or reactions to many of the chemical additives in food.  But others choose these items simply to live a more natural lifestyle.  Whatever the reason, choosing more organic and natural foods is a growing trend.

About Me.

Though my degree is in Chemistry and Physics, I retired from 20 years as Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operations Officer for a school district here in the Denver area.  I was in charge of pretty much everything outside of the classroom – Finance, Risk Management, Payroll, Transportation, Capital Construction, . . . and Food Service.

In my district, we worked hard to upgrade the meals so that every student had the opportunity to select a fresh vegetable and fresh fruit every day.  When feeding 4,000 students, that was always a challenge! 

But that desire to provide healthier options for kids spilled over into my personal life as well.  I started reading labels, scouring the internet for articles and sifting through the enormous amount of conflicting information to develop my own philosophy and approach to organic living.  You’ll see it as you check out my articles and reviews.

That’s where Baking Naturally comes in.

I’ve always loved cooking and baking. And being retired, I have the time to try new recipes so you don’t have to. With my chemistry background, I analyze every recipe to make sure it’s balanced properly and adjusted for various altitudes.

At Baking Naturally, you won’t see shortcuts that use mixes or over-processed additives. But I do try to make things as simple as possible for your busy lifestyle, while retaining the character and integrity of each dish. I test my recipes, so you can trust them.

Welcome to Baking Naturally!

So, welcome! Browse the site and see what interests you. And drop me a note when you can. I love to hear from you.

Don and Dwaine
Don and Dwaine

I live in Denver with my partner of 23 years, and a neighborhood of folks who regularly see me stopping by with cupcakes or a cake or cookies or bread . . . or whatever I’ve decided to test out that day!  I hope that you will find the information useful.  Good luck and a healthy life to you and yours!

email: Don@BakingNaturally.org


  1. Hi Don.
    I will follow this site with interest.
    Love Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! New content posted often, so check back soon.

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