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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

What is the secret to chewy chocolate chip cookies? Isn’t it funny, but you can walk up to a potluck table and find 4 or 5 plates of chocolate chip cookies, and every one will be completely different from the other. Some are flat, crusty and lumpy with chips. Others are thick...

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies 0

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

Dwaine and I make our own black raspberry jam.  He learned how from his mom back on the farm, where they would grow black raspberries every year, harvesting them in long-sleeve flannel shirts to keep from getting sliced to ribbons on the thorns.  The family finally convinced her to submit her jam...

Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies 0

Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies

I got this recipe for Brown Butter Sea Salt cookies from a good friend who graciously shared the results with us.  Give it a try! Robin Goode: “My first experience with these cookies occurred during a pass through the seaside town of Cayucos on our way to Big Sur from Palm Springs....