Wacky Cake 0

Make Cake With No Eggs? You Bet

Wacky Cake has been around forever. It’s a cake with no eggs, so it’s perfect for the occasion. But the reason it’s survived so long is that it tastes fantastic!


Charleston Red Rice

On a recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina, I was lucky enough to dine out at a number of great restaurants. I picked up a few recipes here and there that I will share over time. This recipe is for Charleston Red Rice. It’s very simple, but it turns a simple side...


Kansas Bierocks Recipe

If you’ve never had a bierock (we pronounce it BEER-OCK in Kansas where I grew up), you are really missing a treat. This authentic Kansas Bierocks Recipe using ground beef comes from Ellis, Kansas, center of the Germans-from-Russia (Volga-Deutsch) settlements that sprung up all over Kansas and Nebraska in the 1870s. I...


How to Cook Beans

You and many others have decided to stock up on beans. I know this, because my store is completely bone-dry of any variety of bean! Understandable, and thankfully, I already had several bags on hand. They last for a long time and there’s a lot you can do with them. But if...

Best White Cake from Scratch 0

Best White Cake from Scratch

Regular and High-Altitude Recipes At this moment, I’m staying indoors and away from any nasty viruses out there, and with that spare time, I’m putting together several recipes I’ve had in my queue to investigate. The first is this Best White Cake from Scratch. White cake from scratch can be a challenge....