Kansas Bierocks Recipe

Kansas Bierocks

If you’ve never had a bierock (we pronounce it BEER-OCK in Kansas where I grew up), you are really missing a treat. This authentic Kansas Bierocks Recipe using ground beef comes from Ellis, Kansas, center of the Germans-from-Russia (Volga-Deutsch) settlements that sprung up all over Kansas and Nebraska in the 1870s. I am very proud of my Volga-Deutsch heritage. Frankly, it distresses me when I …

Wicked Good Boston Cream Pie

Wicked Good Boston Cream Pie Recipes

When a recipe is practically perfect, I don’t mess with it, and this one is.  The only thing I added is a high-altitude Boston Cream Pie version for my mountain friends.  Otherwise, this is the tried-and-true Wicked Good Boston Cream Pie recipe tested by Cook’s Illustrated (a fine publication, and highly recommended.) Read the Best Cooking Magazine Ever – Cook’s Illustrated Read the Best Cooking …

The Week’s Best Recipes

The Week’s Best Recipes If you’re like me, you get an inbox full of recipes every week from all the websites you’ve browsed through. But do you really have time to go through all of them to sort out the wheat from the chaff? Probably not. But I do! Here’s this week’s collection of best recipes from across the web. Take a peek and see …

Easy Chocolate Brownies

Easy Homemade Brownies

Deep, dark, decadent chocolate brownies are a treat for the whole family, and this recipe makes it easy. My Easy Chocolate Brownies use unsweetened 100% cacao, along with some white chocolate to even things out. Brownies are one of the first things I learned to bake as a kid, partly because the ingredients are almost always in the house. Eggs, flour, chocolate, sugar and salt, …

Sliced Potato Bread

Bread Machine Potato Bread

Soft, chewy and full of flavor, potato bread is one of my favorites. But I’d never been able to successfully pull it off in my bread machine . . . until now. This loaf is soft, but substantial, chewy and not the least bit crumbly. Cutting into that first piece was a delight! You’ll love it.

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