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Potato Leek Soup 0

Potato Leek Soup with Sausage

Growing up in Kansas, we were poor. But Mom would figure out ways to stretch her dollar to feed a family of five, and one way was with soup. Chicken soup, dumplings, galushkies, vegetable beef . . . and good old potato!  Potato soup has a million variations, of course, simply because it’s so versatile that you can...


Fresh Asparagus Recipes

Though I’m staring out my window at a cold winter landscape here in Denver, Colorado, my thoughts are moving toward spring.  Just before this lastest winter blast, I was walking past my garden and noticed my hyacinths are already beginning to poke their green tips out of the ground.  And when you see that, you know spring is...

Beef and Barley Soup 0

Instant Pot Beef and Barley Soup

I’m really picky about my kitchen gadgets. My main criteria is, If it doesn’t make things easier, what is the point?  I’ve looked at gadgets that have so many pieces and parts and blades and covers, that it would take an hour just to wash all that stuff, let alone put it all away again – and I...