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Hamilton Beach Bread Maker 0

Get the Most From Your Bread Machine

A bread machine is a useful tool, but it usually needs a little help to produce the best-quality loaf. Here are a number of things to look for when making adjustments to your bread machine recipes.


Best Buy: Instant Pot

Do you have a list of kitchen tools or gadgets that you wish you had? Though I’ve stocked my kitchen with some great tools, there are gaps as well.  Lately, I’ve been eyeing the new Instant Pots that are advertised everywhere.  I have a standard pressure cooker, and it still works fine, but having all the automated features...

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Baking Tools: Best Baking Pans

Beautiful cakes don’t just happen.  It takes the right recipe, the right technique, and the Best Baking Pans.  And this ain’t it. Most likely, you either inherited a mismatched collection of baking pans from Mom, or you picked up some basics along the way – pans you’ve used since leaving the dorm room.  I know I did, anyway. ...

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Is Aluminum Safe for Cooking?

Is Aluminum Safe for Baking? You can find numerous articles on what type of pan you should use to bake cakes. I can tell you, I’ve used them all – old, new, black, silver, glass, cheap, expensive . . . and I’ve made nice cakes with all of them. But they’re all different, and if you find yourself...

Candy Apple Red 9-Speed Hand Mixer by KitchenAid 8

Kitchenaid Hand Mixer Review; 9 Speed and Why You Need One

But I have a stand mixer, and other baking tools and equipment already – why would I need a hand mixer? I remember thinking that way, too. But when you’re in the middle of a recipe, and it calls for mixing 1 teaspoon of Magic Item X into your batter for two minutes, and your big mixer is...