Best Buy: Instant Pot

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  1. marlasmith says:

    I am glad I found your article.  I have been hearing the instant pot, but I don’t know much about it, so this was helpful.  I have a few questions I am hoping you can help me with.  Did I understand you correctly that I can use this the same way as a crock pot?  I am in need of a new crock pot and it would be great if this could do that as well.  Also, how do you adjust your recipes that can cook you food so quickly?  Are their recipes included with the unit and does it give you guidelines on how long you would cook your food in the instant pot?  I also didn’t realize that it would be similar to cooking in a pressurer cooker.  I don’t have a pressurer cooker, but I have had chicken made in a pressurer cooker and it was the best I ever had.  Thanks for the information and for helping decide if this is what I should be adding to my kitchen.  I actually thought they were a lot more expensive than they are, but this seems affordable.  

    • Don Herman says:

      Yes, you can certainly use it as a crock pot – in fact, it’s even better because you can adjust the temperature far more accurately.  I would recommend getting the optional glass lid to make it a bit easier to use (you don’t need the pressure lid when you’re using it as a hot pot.)  

      Adjusting the recipes for use in the Instant Pot can be a bit tricky.  I usually just scour the web and find those that others have posted and then give them a try.  There are things I like and don’t like – cooking chicken for casseroles and such is fine, but if you want a nice roast or baked chicken with crispy skin, you won’t get that with the Pot.  I still rely on my trusty oven for a lot of things.  

  2. Todd Matthews says:

    For someone who always strives to eat healthy and foods cooked almost from scratch at times but has very little time for anything else, a pressure cooker would be something I need to add to my arsenal. I like the fact it can cook quickly and deliver foods in the same quality as if they’re cooked the traditional method. 

    • Don Herman says:

      You would love this thing, then.  And the other fun thing is that there are a million new recipes out there to try in the Instant Pot.  AND, when you use your own, real ingredients, you’ll find you actually save money, as opposed to buying over-processed stuff or ordering another pizza!  

  3. Cathy Cavarzan says:

    The Insta Pot Duo is an awesome choice!! I absolutely love mine. It did take me a long time and some research into it as I am a little old school so the fact that I heard it cooked chicken in about 30 minutes time took some convincing on my part. I can tell you from experience since then that not only does chicken come out fully cooked and moist. Almost everything you cook frees up so much time I will never go back to my pressure cooker and I have used the oven less since too. Great time saver 

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