Homemade Golden Syrup (for Americans)

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  1. Jaspar says:

    Never heard of glass canning jars. Can’t you just store the sauce in a bowl with cover in the refrigerator?

    • admin says:

      Glass canning jars are the only kind. Storing in the fridge might be possible, but it would make the syrup very stiff and hard to work with. I don’t recommend it.

  2. Tammi MacClellan Heupel says:

    Thank you for posting this. Question though… doesn’t this crystallise by stirring it? Like caramel does if you stir it while bringing to a boil, etc.?

    • Don Herman says:

      I haven’t had that happen in the times I’ve made it, but it’s certainly possible. If it happens – easy fix. Just add about 1/4 cup more water and start again. You won’t have wasted your time completely, as the sugar in the pan will probably be starting to caramelize already, so no harm done.

  3. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Great post and good info.

    This looks very nice actually, but honestly, never heard about it. 

    I was in the UK for a travel not so long ago, but never heard the name falling, is it quite uncommon? 

    And you only find it in the US and UK? Since we don’t know this in Belgium, which is sad, because it really looks nice. 

    Waiting for your answer. 

    And thanks for sharing! 

    • Don Herman says:

      I would bet if you mentioned “Lyle’s”, most people would know what you were talking about.  It’s fairly common, but perhaps as the population ages, the use is starting to die down.  It’s an ingredient in a lot of baked goods in the UK.  In Belgium, you might know it as “light cassonade.”  

  4. Dapoach says:

    What a wonderful post on Golden syrup! The fact that your able to make it from home and also show us how super easy it is to produce from home makes me commend you for a job well done. Thanks for also clearly indicating the differences with the English measuring system (in weight pounces) with that of the united states (Volume ounces). I have noted the two steps to prepare the ingredients and also the six instructions you gave and i will work on them also to prepare mine. Nice post once again. Kudos!

  5. Nathaniel says:

    Hey awesome post men. From your explanatory write up I think it looks easy enough. I’ve never made any syrup before or even try to make one but I dabble in a lot of pastries though, so maybe I will give it a try and see how good my first attempt would be. 

  6. Evie says:

    I am unfamiliar with golden syrup. I enjoy baking at times especially when a special occasion happens. Now, I’m not the best baker and baking from scratch is something I want to peruse. Since I’m unfamiliar with golden syrup, what recipes would I use golden syrup for? Does it replace an ingredient like sugar? thanks! 

    • Don Herman says:

      I use it to replace corn syrup, which I find to be terribly over-processed.  Plus, golden syrup provides a lot more flavor than bland corn syrup.  I use it mostly for caramel if I’m making it from sweetened condensed milk.  You get a denser, richer flavor from golden syrup.

  7. Jackson says:

    I’ve made various “homemade” items before, but syrup? It’s never crossed my mind! Interesting too, because I make pancakes quite often! Not only does this show how simple and fascinating making syrup is, but it’s motivated me to give it a try! If this turns out better than the syrup I get at the store, then I already know what I’ll be doing from now.

    Thank you!

    • Don Herman says:

      Making syrup is a kind of meditative little task for me! Just keep stirring, just keep stirring . . . LOL! But I can tell you the product is beautiful and tastes delicious

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