Millionaire's shortbread

Best Millionaire’s Shortbread Recipe

Best Millionaire’s Shortbread Recipe

Millionaire's shortbread

Are you a fan of Twix candy bars?  Because really, they’re just a variation on the time-tested Millionaire’s Shortbread.  Here’s a recipe gleaned from ground-zero for shortbread – Scotland.  I made it in the traditional bars, but if I were to do it again, I’d probably use a silicone mini-muffin pan to make them easier to handle.  Either way, this makes a great shortbread – crisp, but not too crumbly – covered in homemade caramel and rich, dark chocolate.  A small piece goes a long way.

I used 1/2 regular flour and 1/2 white whole wheat flour, with rice flour to round it out.  The shortbread is baked a bit longer than traditional shortbread to increase the crispiness, balancing out the smooth caramel.

The original recipe is in metric measurements, so I’ve translated it to English weights.  These are mostly WEIGHTS, not volume, so you’ll need to weigh the amounts on a scale to get the proper ratios.



  • Plain flour – 200 grams or 7 ounces (I used 1/2 plain, 1/2 white whole wheat flour)
  • Rice flour – 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
  • Sugar – 100 grams or 3.5 ounces
  • Butter, softened, but not melted – 200 grams or 7 ounces (about 14 Tbl)
  • 1/4 tsp salt


Chocolate Topping:

200 grams of good quality dark chocolate, or any other chocolate you prefer.  Dark chocolate helps cut down the sweetness of everything else.


Heat oven to 350F

Grease an 8″X8″ square baking pan, including the sides all the way to the top.

Mix the shortbread flours, sugar and salt in a large bowl with a whisk.  Cut in the butter and mix with your fingers until the mixture is a sandy consistency.

Shortbread dough

Press the dough into the baking pan and pierce liberally with a fork.  Bake at 350F for 25 to 30 minutes, until the edges turn a golden brown.  Set aside to cool.

Baked shortbread

For the caramel, add the butter, sugar, condensed milk and salt in a medium, heavy pan and heat while stirring to dissolve the sugar.  Bring this mixture to a simmer and cook for at least 15 minutes, until the sugar has carmelized into a medium brown color, and the mixture is thickened, but still pourable.  (It’s probably better to go a little longer rather than shorter on this, as a too-thin caramel will make the bars difficult to cut cleanly.)  Pour the caramel over the cooled shortbread and let this cool in the fridge for an hour or so.

Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler or in the microwave and pour over the cooled caramel.  I gave this a little blast in the refrigerator to set the chocolate, then turned the whole thing out on a cutting board.  I cut the bars into finger-sized pieces and wrapped each one in waxed paper for candy bars.

I’d try this again using a silicone mini-muffin pan – I think that would make some very cute candy cups, and it would be less fuss getting them into bite-sized pieces.  You could even insert a nut or two into each one before you poured on the chocolate!


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Best Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe
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