Traditional Irish Soda Bread Recipe

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  1. Xaric says:

    Wow, once upon a time I ate Irish bread and it was the best bread that I had ever eaten in my entire life (and I am no big fan of bread in general).

    I had been looking for this recipe since then.

    I will absolutely try baking it and I will come back to let you know if this is the awesome bread that I ate this day. I hope it is 😛


  2. Nathaniel says:

    That bread  looks absolutely beautiful Don, and the good part is I love bread a lot I’ve tried so many I can’t count. Am definitely going to use that recipe to bake something and if I can’t I have a close friend who would absolutely love to do it just to test her baking skills. So thanks for this article inauthentic Irish soda bread. 

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