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High-Altitude Baking Adjustments

High-Altitude Baking Adjustments If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains above 3,000 ft., you know that this presents some challenges for baking.  Cakes rise too fast, and fall too hard!  But these problems can be overcome if you follow these instructions. First, find out the exact altitude of your location...

Perfect Cake Layers

Swan’s Down High Altitude White Cake Recipe

(Original cake recipe from a tattered magazine page stuck in an old church cookbook.  I finally found the origin online here. )  This is the original Swan’s Down high-altitude white cake recipe.  It’s been in use since around 1894, so I’d guess it’s pretty solid.  And Swan’s Down is still around today,...

Sunken Cake

Why Does My Cake Sink in the Middle?

Sigh.  “Why does my cake sink in the middle?”  Here in Colorado, high altitude baking is a special challenge – and having a cake sink in the middle is particularly common.  That’s why, when you find a good, basic cake recipe, you usually stick with it through fire and flood.  But I like to...