Honey Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Don, thank you for this article. Although I like to bake, I have never tried using any other flour than plain or self raising. After reading your post here, I would like to say that I like the sound of your bread and liked all the tips you provided for using whole wheat flour. You make it sound very easy to use.

    • Don Herman says:

      Thanks for the comment.  All-purpose is fine for plain white bread, and self-rising is a must for biscuits.  But I like the heartier flavor of whole wheat for bread most of the time.  Check back again!

  2. Norman says:

    Thanks for sharing – really informative post. It seems that more and more people are discovering their gluten intolerance. Do you know if there are any gluten substitutes which would enable a baker still use whole wheat dough?

    Where the whole wheat bread with honey recipe is concerned, which would be the vegetable oil that you would most recommend as a substitute for the olive oil?

    Thanks in advance, and best regards,


    • Don Herman says:

      If you’re going to bake bread and you suffer from gluten-intolerance, you really need to change your whole outlook.  You’ll never be able to use wheat flour of any kind, as it naturally forms gluten when you handle it at all – much less kneading it on purpose.  Best to stick with other, non-gluten forming flours, like rice or potato.  The oil I like for bread is canola (rapeseed in Europe.)  It leaves almost no taste of its own, but provides fat to improve the taste and texture of your bread.

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