Indoor Herb Garden Kits and Ideas

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  1. Dave Sweney says:

    Things have come a long way since I was a kid and we grew our own herbs in the Winter months inside. Due to the location I grew up in (Northern Minnesota) the growing season was extremely short plus we were a long way from the normal supply lines, meaning that if we wanted fresh herbs, we had to grow them inside.

    Growing your own indoor herb garden these days can be an easy task compared to those old days, and the equipment you have reviewed is so far beyond what I remember from those early days so long ago. I loved the design and the ease with which you can now have those fresh herbs at any time of the year.

    The kits that even include the seedlings make the most sense to me, and having the electronics and lighting that is ideal means that it is not a lot of upkeep to always have a fresh supply for cooking and seasoning. There is a huge difference with fresh versus the ones you buy in the store (who knows how old they are and what they will add to a recipe).

    Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities that we all have access to today, and I am going right now to check out some of your recommendations. I love to cook, I love good food, and it requires fresh herbs and seasonings to make the best possible dishes. You have provided a solution!

  2. Vapz says:

    Oh, these are so innovative. Little hydropinc gardens to supply fresh herbs for baking and cooking all year round. Who would have thought. Hydroponics is becoming the way to go with having fresh vegetable supply in every season. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite and other products like it are essential in every home. Even kids would benefit from this. They can learn how to grow vegetables on their own as they get other. I imagine the coming generation eating really healthy because of this. 

  3. Tommy Potter says:

    Grow indoor herbs and monitor them with your smartphone even when you are traveling? Wow! That was news for me.I want to ask you if these devices only serve to grow the plants you mention or if other types of plants could be produced like chard or spinach.

    I am interested because I am consuming many vegetables to prepare green juices, but if I buy many of them, they lose their freshness after a few days still in the refrigerator, and if I buy a low amount to keep them fresh, I have to go frequently to the supermarket.

  4. Stella says:

    Nice article about growing indoor herb garden. I wanted something like this for just flowers though but thought a few flower pots will do. Until recently when most of them started to wither and then I realised they needed more lighting than usual. I’m definitely getting one of these to restart my indoor garden. Thanks for this, really helpful

  5. Louis says:


    I haven’t quite thought of having an indoor garden because I felt it was very expensive to own one. Now very, your blog post has opened my eyes to the fact that Ind op or herb gardens are pocket friendly. It’s very good that I can travel without having to worry about watering the plants. Thanks for the his information, I’ll be looking to get this for my mum, she loves cooking.

    kind regards

  6. Jerome says:

    Thanks Don, that’s a really interesting product, and a well written review. I think more and more people are going to start considering these kind of indoor herb gardens.

    A quick question though : are you sure the herbs grown in the herb garden contain the same level of organic properties (vitamins, etc…) than the ones grown in soil ?


    • Don Herman says:

      Well that’s a good question.  Probably not.  But if you’re using it for herbs, you use so little that nutritional value may not be that critical.

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