Easy Baked Chicken Recipes


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  1. Anna says:

    Your cooked chicken looks so tasty! I love the way you explained “the whole process” with detailed intructions and video.

    I also noticed that you mentioned the garlic as an optional. From my poor experience of cooking, I can say that garlic makes difference when you cook meat, especially on chicken meat. It seems like they’re meant to be together. At least, I love this combination!

    I also appreciate the tips for a non-dry and non-rubbery meat!

    Thank you so much for sharing! Those are priceless instructions!

  2. Laura says:

    What a great article! I have been cooking and baking for years and have never heard about the butterfly technique to get chicken to broil faster. I look forward to giving this a try. I do have a question, though: instead of using scissors to cut through the chicken, could you use a decent knife? I am curious about this because we recently sharpened our knife set, and I am wondering if using a sharp chef’s knife is a possibility. Thanks for any insights you can provide.

    • Don Herman says:

      You could, yes, but I really find a good pair of shears is a bit easier, because you can follow the backbone without cutting into it like you might with a knife.  But it certainly could be done!  Enjoy!

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Don,

    What an interesting way to cook a chicken and it looks really tasty too! I am always looking for different ways to cook chicken and this sounds simple as well as delicous! 

    Thanks for the great video on how to butterfly a chicken. You made it look easy to do. Could you remove the skin first and then cover the chicken with tinfoil before baking or do you advise leaving the skin on to keep it moist and juicy?

    • Don Herman says:

      Thanks Mary Ann.  I would not remove the skin first, because, as you said, it will seal in the moisture.  If you’re avoiding the fat, you can just peel it off afterward, but do leave it on while cooking.  And yes, it really is easy!  🙂

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