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Black Raspberry Turnovers – Black Raspberry Recipes

Black Raspberry Turnovers

Here in Colorado, fall arrives early every year.  By Halloween, we’re looking for the first snowflakes!  It’s also the time to collect those berries off the vines in the yard.  Dwaine has transplanted some black raspberry vines from house to house and this year we finally got a decent crop.  With the new crop, I’ve been searching for some new black raspberry recipes, and here’s the …

Easy Blackberry Crumble

Easy Blackberry Crumble

Looking for a way to use up some leftover berries? Or perhaps you have some frozen berries and you need a good recipe for them. Try this Easy Blackberry Crumble. Ready in an hour, and made with ingredients you probably have on hand right now. We grow our own berries and I usually have a whole shelf full of frozen berries to use at any …

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Healthy Easy Desserts: Whole Wheat Raspberry Bars

Looking for a really easy, healthy dessert recipe that you can whip up with the kids?  Try these Whole Wheat Raspberry Bars. Dwaine and I make our own raspberry jam from raspberry bushes we have planted in our yard here in Denver.  Black raspberries are our favorite, but we also have red.  We take an afternoon every so often and make a batch of jam, following …

Simple Golden Cake

Easy Scratch Yellow Cake

This Easy Scratch Yellow Cake perfectly displays the difference between a typical boxed mix cake and a “from-scratch” cake.  Yes, you might be able to throw a box mix into the oven a tiny bit faster, but when you pull it out, you have a rather gooey, sickly sweet confection, full of artificial flavors and colors that sticks to the roof of your mouth when …

Coconut Milk Cupcakes

Coconut Cream Cupcakes

It’s finally springtime here at the edge of the Colorado Rockies.  And with that comes time to shift gears to something with a lighter taste. Coconut fills the bill here – especially the naturally unsweetened flakes that I find at my local Sprouts store.  These Coconut Cream Cupcakes are all-natural and substitute coconut milk for some of the fat you would normally add with butter. …

Best German Chocolate Cake

Homemade German Chocolate Cake

Regular and High-Altitude German Chocolate Cake Recipe I spent a month in Berlin to study the German language.  I’d studied it in college, but of course, over the years, I lost most of it.  But I never lost my fascination with German culture and history.  So I spent some time there, re-learning the language, visiting all the sites and museums, and enjoying the food! In …

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