Best Natural Cleaning Products

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  1. charles39 says:

    Naturally  made products are and should be the the future, I have been using  some these  products and I can say they   are the  best not only for sake of cleanliness but they are also good to our skin  also they are gentle  to  our skin as  well I would highly recommend  sal sud and mayers  products for home use 

    • Don Herman says:

      Sal Suds is available just about everywhere these days, and one bottle goes a long, long way.  Thanks for stopping by.  

  2. Barry Bullard says:

    I’ve been on a cleaning kick lately and basically getting my house in white glove condition.  it does feel really good to have a clean house.

    When it comes to cleaning the oven and the stove what products do you recommend?  i found these the hardest to clean in the kitchen.

    Thank you!

    • Don Herman says:

      Yeah, those are the WORST to try to figure out.  One thing I do is try to avoid having to clean my oven in the first place.  I use aluminum foil liners on the bottom of the oven to catch spills and prevent them from burning on.  So that helps.  Some people swear by a 2-step degreaser (any natural product), and then spraying water on the surface, followed by a dusting of baking soda – then spraying white vinegar and letting that sit for about 20 minutes.  

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