Monthly Archive: May 2015

Black Raspberry Turnovers

Fall Dessert Recipes: Black Raspberry Turnovers

Here in Colorado, fall arrives early every year.  By Halloween, we’re looking for the first snowflakes!  It’s also the time to collect those berries off the vines in the yard.  Dwaine has transplanted some black raspberry vines from house to house and this year we finally got a decent crop.  Here’s the first...

Homemade Lemon Pound Cake

Homemade Lemon Pound Cake

Here’s an old-fashioned lemon pound cake recipe you can make from scratch.  It’s not at all difficult and the results are spectacular!  With all the butter, fluffy egg whites and sweet natural sugar, no one can resist a homemade lemon pound cake. “Pound Cake” originated with early American colonists.  The recipe calls...

Messy Kitchen

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Some say, “A Messy Kitchen is a Sign of Happiness.” Yeah, well that wouldn’t be ME. In my house, a messy kitchen makes the cook nervous. “Did the raw chicken touch that cutting board?” “Did you wash that knife . . . or did I wash that knife? I think I’ll wash...