Monthly Archive: March 2015

Homemade Hot Pockets

More Whole Wheat Bierocks!

If you’ve ever bought the commercial-grade Hot Pockets brand snacks, you’ve had to wonder what was in them, right?  I mean – how can you put something in the microwave and never, ever know if it’s going to be a pizza-cicle on the inside or molten cheese-lava?  It’s positively diabolical!  And the...

Black Velvet Cupcakes

Black Raspberry Recipes: Black Velvet Cupcakes

My partner, Dwaine, has a green thumb. Sadly, it has not rubbed off on me.  I may be able to keep my cooking herbs alive (with help), but he’s the one who makes the garden bloom in spring.  He’s always fussing over the black raspberry bushes planted on the side of the...